The preschool years are a special time in the life of young children. During this period, they begin to trust others outside the family. They gain independence and self-control, and learn to take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways. At 3 months the human brain has the potential to distinguish several hundred spoken sounds, while at the age of 3 the brain is ready to receive ‘experiences’ and is most flexible and absorbent.

Taking benefit of this ability AB exposes your child to varied topics ranging from Language and Literature, Visual Arts, Geography, Music, Mathematics and Science all at their desired aptitude levels.

Language and Literature
We motivate children by offering them to hear and communicate with well told literature and poetry. Through a variety of listening activities children are regularly made to pay attention to the sounds in words so that they begin to distinguish the smaller units of sound that make up a whole word.

Good books are read aloud to them as listening helps children acquire a sense of what makes up a story and motivates them to open a book and read and do not be surprised if you child can tell apart a Rudyard Kipling from his Enid Blyton.

Visual Arts
What colour are your eyes? What colour is the sky today? Children are attracted visually to most objects. Some enjoy using crayons, some paints some dough or some with coloured bricks. visual stimulation can make a toddlers intellect soar. At AB we expose them to collages, paintings by famous artists from the world. Here we stimulate their intellect, make them think and them hand them over their own tools and let them inspire themselves.

In Kindergarten, children often study aspects of their immediate world; the family, the school, the community etc. While such local studies should be encouraged we should take advantage of a childs natural curiosity and begin to broaden their horizons about the larger world. Through the medium of games and visually stimulating multimedia we aim to help them understand our world and its different landscapes.

We expose your lively youngsters everyday to age – appropriate math concepts and operations, thus giving children a comfortable familiarity with the elements of math. Then it could be sorting of everyday objects or distinguishing shapes or plag with dominoes. Our aim is to familiarize them with the basic ideas and operations of math making it effortless for them to understand in elementary school.

Here we introduce science to the pre-schooler. A variety of scientific topics like the plant and animal kingdom, the seasons, the weather, the human body. The topics are presented systematically with colourful teaching aids and day – to- day experiences, experiments which are designed to enhance learning.

Music is an alternative method of education in itself. Research has proven that early exposure to classical music has resulted in higher levels of IQ. We encourage to give your child a wide range of musical experience – singing songs, listening to a varied genres of music, dance and even take them along to local musical performances.

Field Trips
Children are constantly receiving and responding to stimuli. An essential part of learning in the preschool years is multi-sensorial experiences. In our effort to stimulate these senses we encourage several field trips in an academic year.

Age Eligibility
  Play Group : 1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs
  Nursery : 2.5 yrs to 3.5 yrs
  K1 : 3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs
  K2 : 4.5 yrs to 5.5 yrs
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