The Mother Toddler Programme at Apple Blosom offers mothers to enhance their parenting skills also gives an enriching experience to bond with their child in a play based environment. It also gives a chance to learn good social skills and behavior habits early on and prepares the child for what lies ahead in Pre-school.

Toddler are rapidly acquiring physical, social, reasoning, creative and language skills but these skills need a lot of practice where Mother Toddler Programme plays a key role.

During that time, a nurturing space for the children is created with free-play, circle-time, while also guiding the parents in activities. This allows the children to gain confidence in socializing with others while still in the presence of their parents. The songs, rhymes, and games learned by the children can be shared at home especially when there is a mom who has learned them too.

Our program is based on supporting the child’s need to explore. The Facilitators will plan activities and help shape the environment in order to provide a rich atmosphere in which the children can play and discover. The facilitators are also available as a resource for the children and their parents or care givers.

The Parents
The parental role in our program is vital. Parents are asked to encourage and support the child’s interest in all activities. Parents will come to Apple Blosom twice a week for 1 hrs. The parent would stay with the child and interact with the child in whatever activity he/she may choose. Parents would also sit with the child and participate in group time

What To Wear
Dress children in comfortable clothes . There will be a variety of messy projects and we want the children to feel comfortable as they explore various materials.

Developmental Milestones can be Achieved Through Series of Activities
Rise and Shine
The tiny tots get an opportunity to be together an hum a ‘Prayer’ and a ‘Good Morning song’.

Music and rhymes
Children learn to concentrate and listen to the age appropriate rhymes and participate in body action along with parental assistance.

Amazing Art
Children explore through art activities which also develops there fine motor skills like playing with colours , messy play.

Curious corner
Curious corner enhances the toddler ability to explore the different recourses like soft blocks , peg board set , coloured windows, stack and nest toys and textured books.

Get Set Go
Children are engaged in outdoor play enhancing the gross motor skills as they are indulged in activities like walking ,jumping,climbing balancing, sand play and water play.
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