How is Hygiene maintained at Apple Blosom?
Hygiene is of utmost importance because the place is primarily used by the children.The entire place is thoroughly cleaned 5 times a day and care is taken to wash and sanitise each childs hands.

How do you source food for children?
We have a super clean kitchen where we cook nutritious food which is supervised by our nutritionist. Food is cooked fresh and provided to the children.

What is the teacher-child ratio?
Our teacher-child ratio in school is 1:5.
In Child care the teacher-child ratio is 1:2

What activities do you take for children?
The activities conducted for the children are singing, dancing, art and handicraft, making Sand castles, yoga, gardening, water play, etc.

My child is not toilet trained, how do you handle it?
Toilet training is a joined process between School/Child care. A child who is not toilet trained comes to apple blosom in Diapers and slowly the staff helps the child vean it off.

My child has never been to a school/child care, how would you make my child settle?
Before a child starts Day care/School at Apple Blosom, the mother has an extensive orientation with the respective co-ordinators. This orientation helps the team to understand the child better. It is through this information that we help the child settle better in our school environment.

Are children always supervised by the Nannies and Child Care Facilitators?
Children are supervised at AB by Nannies and Child Care Facilitators at any point of time.

What are the Audio-Visual Aids for the children?
Fridays are Movie time at Child Care for which Audio-Visual Aids are extensively used .In School, children are shown videos from UTube, National Geographic and Discovery Science for the concepts they are being taught.

Do children get food whenever they are hungry or they get food as per schedule?
Yes, the children do get food whenever they are hungry but we also try to maintain a healthy schedule.

Are children allowed to use Library?
Yes, they are allowed to use books under supervision of a teacher.
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